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Corporate Membership

Championing the Community:  Businesses play a key role in the wealth of this community.  Entrepreneurship leads to jobs, diverse products, and an interest from the outside world in our region.  Meanwhile, employees sustain and advance these enterprises.  The Phillips Community Pool invites businesses to support the people at the heart of their organizations by investing in their health and wellness.  Corporate memberships are now available in a variety of options!

Why Corporate Wellness?

UNHEALTHY EMPLOYEES COST YOU MONEY.  Between 1990 and 2004, the number of obese adults in Massachusetts rose 80%.  Blue Cross of Blue Shield of Massachusetts found that with every 1 percent increase in body mass index, an individual's annual health care costs goes up $120. (Source: Boston Globe, March 22, 2006).


YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE WHERE YOU NEED THEM - AT WORK, HEALTHY.  In a review of 42 articles on the topic, companies with Workplace Wellness Programs have realized a 28% reduction in sick leave, a 26% reduction in adjunctive healthcare costs, and a 30% reduction in disability and workers compensation costs.  (Source: Health Affairs, Volume 21, No. 2, March, 2002).


THE INVESTMENT YOU MAKE IN WELLNESS WILL COME BACK TO YOU.  Worksite Wellness Programs have achieved a rate of return on investment ranging from $2 to $15 for each dollar invested with savings realized within 12 to 18 months.  (Source:  American Journal of Health Promotion, May/June 2001).



Corporate Packages

Features of the Golden Glide Package and the Silver Splash Package include:

  • Businesses gain a week-long Corporate Open House for your employees and their families, scheduled at your convenience.  This includes a week of FREE Open Swim and Aerobic Classes. 
  • Businesses ALSO gain one pool rental for a corporate event of up to 200 people, discounted at 40%.  Rentals could include parties, fundraisers, special events like movie nights, team-building challenges, etc.
  • Employees receive a free towel service for the duration of their membership.  Two towels are offered per person per visit.

Golden Glide Package


Corporate Costs and Incentives:  Businesses determine how much they wish to contribute toward an employee's personal or family pass.  To consider this plan, the following parameters must be met:  Company agrees to pay per employee a minimum of $30 toward ANY seasonal pass, or $60 toward ANY annual pass, and Company has at least 5 or more employees join the plan.


Employee Costs and Incentives:  Employees (and their immediate family members) pay the typical membership costs MINUS the amount the company agrees to pay.


Billing:  We provide two billing options.

  • Corporate is billed monthly, quarterly, or annually for each employee's entire membership fee.  Corporate then payroll deducts this fee from the employee's payroll check, minus the amount the company is contributing toward each pool pass.
  • Employees (and family members) are billed at the discounted rate upon enrollment of their pool pass.  Then employers are billed monthly or quarterly only for the amount they are contributing toward each pass.

Silver Splash Package


Corporate Costs and Incentives:  Businesses pay an annual fee based on the number of people on your employee payroll:

  • Companies with 1-249 employed: $500 annually
  • Companies with 250+ employed: $1,000 annually


Employee Costs and Incentives:  Employees (and their immediate family members) pay the typical membership costs for an Annual or Seasonal Pass.


Billing:  Employers are billed annually for the corporate fee.  Employees (and family members) are billed upon enrollment for the pass of their choice.  Pass options are available here.

Corporate Block Passes


Because you value the health and wellness of your employees, you can also buy our Block Passes in bulk and give them to your employees as incentives, rewards, or congratulations for special occasions like birthdays and workplace anniversaries.  


Cost:  A bundle of (5) Adult Block Passes for $100, or a bundle of (10) for $200, representing a savings of 20%. 


Note:  You may resell the pass to your employees at a cost not to exceed $20 each.

Have questions about our corporate memberships?

We're happy to address all of your questions or concerns. Call us at  (715) 339-2143 or use our contact form.

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